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My boyfriend is rude and inconsiderate?

My partner moved to a different area of our borough. So, I had to take the bus to see him. We planned a night out where I will go see him this time and I called him when I was on the bus. So, he knew we made plans, knew I was already on the bus, and knew I was almost there because we were on the phone the whole time. There was a situation in the past where he did something for one of his female friends that, for some reason, he didn't want to do for me, and kept trying to say the situation was different. I brought it up to explain that his decision is hurting me and making me feel second best to someone who he's never dated nor had feelings for. Of course as per his stubborn nature he sits there denying similarities and berating me for "bringing up someone from the past." Literally minutes after I step off the bus, and also as he's walking to meet me, he says to me "the night is ruined. I'm going home" I ask him really? Now that I am there he's going to do this? He says "yeah, whatever, take the next bus back." He actually has a history of turning around and leaving when I say something he doesn't like - right in the middle of the street and leaving. But in the past we lived virtually next to one another so it wasn't as big of a deal. Now that he lives in another part of town he's going to let me come to his area and then decide to send me home? No consideration for my time, money spent, or our agreed on plans? Or my feelings about this? And then when I demanded an apology he spends 15 minutes asking me why he should apologize? I can't describe how I feel about him but I'd say something along the lines of he probably has some kind of personality disorder and won't rest until he destroys my soul, what do you think?

2013-10-27 23:40:41

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