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I can't get a job interview?

Hi, I'm having a sliight problem when applying to places. Since the month of May, I've applied to 29 different stores around my area for a job. (No, this is no exaggeration, 29 and counting) Different Burger joints, clothing stores in the mall, supermarkets, etc. The problem is not a single one has ever gotten back to me about an interview. Not one! And every store I applied did confirm to me that they were hiring, so I don't get it! After applying to maybe 4 or 5 stores, one of my friends told me to call a few days after applying to ask them about my application. He said they want to see perseverance and prove to them that I really want the job. So I tried doing this, and I get the same thing every time.. "Oh okay great! We'll put your name down to make sure we review your application! When we do, we'll call you for an interview!" Getting my hopes up thinking Okay great! They're gonna call me! Nope, not one ever called again. Toys R Us I actually called once more after that, but they just basically repeated themselves. And no call after that. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! So yesterday I applied to three different Starbucks' in my area. I am determined to get hired at AT LEAST one of them! My question is what are some things I can do to really make sure I get this job? I know what to do for the interview because I've had one job in the past, last year, and the interview was no problem. The only reason I got that interview was because I was referred by a friend who worked there. Now it's the process before the interview I'm having a problem with. The part that I basically skipped last time. What can I do to make sure I at least get an interview? ~Tobey P.S. Yes, I walked in and made sure all three Starbucks' I applied to are hiring

2013-10-27 23:41:53

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