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Muslims only preferably sisters- my mother is 'interested' in the man I am seeing?

I'm a non Muslim woman entering the folds of Islam. I met a Muslim man and with his help I'm learning the religion and history of Islam inshallah. During our intellectual and contemplative conversations we have found a serious appreciation for each other and have decided to 'see' eachother. I live at home with my mom and so whenever he comes over I've asked her to sit with us. She's not a muslim- far from it.. But the last few times he's been here-as strange as it is to say, it is to feel- my mom has been flirting with him.. He's a little older than me and very attractive and my mom has expressed to me that she's very lonely and needs male attention in the last few months. I know my mom very well and I can tell when she's flirting and she definitely is-to the point of touching him and doing fake laughs and sitting closer to him than even I do. Unfortunately I either think he's playing into it- is trying not to hurt her feelings- or doesn't see what she's doing. How do I deal with this?

2013-10-27 23:36:13

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