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Do you have delusions of grandeur?

Feelings of self importance, hope for a bright future, feeling like you're better than any other human being. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms you may very well be having delusions of grandeur. You should seek psychiatric attention promptly. Where you too can be prescribed anti psychotics. There is a 100% chance you will be taken advantage of by the pharmaceutical companies. You may experience 100 side effects, not to the mention the decrease of grey matter in your noggin. However you will no longer feel like you matter. -Debbie Downer dispensing your dose of disappointment. If you need a second dose feel free to send me a message. There is a 99.9% chance I will not respond. However that should have the desired effect if you're in the market for disappointment. SO do you feel like you're an important person?

2013-11-01 03:27:12

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