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should I live with my mom or my dad?

so my mom is moving in with her boyfriend and although I get along with her boyfriend i don't want to move in with them. I am pretty close with my mom but not so much lately ever since she got a boyfriend I feel she has been less fair with me, I also enjoy the school where I live and have a lot of stuff going for me there. Now my dad has a girlfriend but we don't along that well we sorta just ignore each other unless something is going on, but i know he won't be moving anytime soon so i would still be able to go to my school the main problem is that if i ever want to do something i'm going to have to get a ride since my dad is out for business and I have no problem taking care of myself while he is away. now I can't flip flop but different things are affecting my choices. for example Pro with mom: 1. I might get my own room 2. A lot of places are close by so it would easier to find a job 3. My college might get paid off (but you never know) 4. The house is pretty big Cons for mom:1. I won't be able to audition for any shows til the summer ( I'm in drama) 2. I would most likely have to redo a bunch of school work 3. I would be leaving all my friends 4. I would be leaving my dream school ( I honestly love my school) Pros for dad:1. I get to stay at my school 2. I have a lot of connections for a scholarship 3. I won't leave the best drama program in florida 4. I would get my own room Cons for dad:1. We don't always get along 2. There is always the chance of him moving 3. He can be really mean at each other at times 4. I might not be to see some extended family

2013-11-01 03:22:21

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