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Should I talk to him/what should I say?

About a year ago my town had this concert thing, I went and this teen band (local band, not famous) was there, the drummer was really cute. Afterwards, me and my friend saw him talking to someone and she knew I thought he was cute so she dared me to ask him how old he is. So I did. First, he made me guess, then he told me. A few months later me and my friend visited a youth group, and he was there (I had NO idea he was going to be there) and he kept glancing over at me, and he made a few little jokes with me. But I don't know if he knew I was the girl who talked to him at the concert. There is another concert coming up, he'll be there, I'm going. After the concert, should I talk to him? I want to but idk, I'm shy. What should I say? Any tips are helpful please!

2013-11-01 03:21:13

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