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Does hair grow faster after waxing during late pregnancy?

I would like to wax because if i shave.. i'd have to shave every few days and it's really hard to bend and reach places at this time and i don't want to be trying to shave last minute or even after giving birth so i am not sure when to wax.. i am due November 20th and today is 31st.. i was planning to wax on November 7th-8th because that's when i will do my first check up to see if i am starting to dialate but then i'm worried if the hair will start to grow back right around my due date..and i'd hate to have these painful hairs trying to come out ad be all itchy and stuff... i would wax later if i didn't have to get checked on 8th but i don't wanna shave then cuz then the hair will be too short to wax.. lol i know it's silly but i don't wanna be all hairy. it's my personal preference!

2013-11-01 03:27:17

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