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Do you think it is wrong for me to act this way?

I'm 17 but I am more like a child. When people describe me they use words like innocent and adorable. I draw and cut out little paper people every day for me and my siblings to play with. I play childish games. My friends can't believe I'm 17 they say I seem 14. One of my friends in karate is only like seven years older than me but she treats me like a child. She's very rough with almost everyone but me. And it's not only her. A lot of other people treat me the same way. I have a way with children only because I can see the world the way they see it. I've never had a boyfriend and stuff like kissing grosses me out. I also get scared and sad easily and my imagination always runs wild. However It's not like I'm dumb. I'm starting college soon and I take care of the house and my three siblings all the time. I just feel like I act different then everyone else my age. Is it wrong?

2013-11-01 03:36:54

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