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I don't understand how Obama could say we will keep our plans?

I have been hearing for months now that there are 10 standards that all insurance must meet (meaning 1 size fits all) as opposed to previously giving us CHOICE in the insurance market. So.. that means that MOST policies had to change because most policies were slanted in one direction or another depending on your knees. Can someone (an honest liberal) agree this is true? Agree that OC mandates new standards for all policies. Right? Therefore, most policies would disappear. RIght? SO... we could not POSSIBLY keep our policies. So please reconcile this with Obama for like 5 years saying we WILL keep our substandard policies (he said those exact words a LOT)... Explain why this is not clearly pure lying. Help me understand. Be nice.. you liberals are supposed to be tolerant. So clearly explain this dichotomy

2013-11-01 03:30:49

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