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So, me and my boyfriend have a kind of long distance relationship (about 1hr and 45min away). I broke up with him once and Im with him again because Im in love with him. He said that he might go to college somewhere near me, but thats in January. Theres also a house right down the road from me and he doesnt have that much money. I cant really tell but I really wanna know how long the long distance thing will last?.... We call, text, and facetime whenever we can because I get my phone back at 8:30PM-until I leave for school in the morning. I dont like NOT talking to my love. It's terrible.. I really love him! <3 He also almost went to Florida because I broke up with him the first time... but the bus left him in Georgia :P (BTW I think its awkward talking about my personal life on here)

2013-11-07 18:58:37

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