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anxiety and symptoms?

Well lately ive been under a lot of stress and anxiety and its been getting the best of me, doctors can't find anything and they all say its anxiety, no thyroid problems, no fluid or ear infection or wax, no eye problems except and astigmatism I've had all my life, etc. Here are my symptoms: -eye floaters -blurred vision when really stressed -trouble focising eyes -jaw tightness (no pain) -plugged ears -headaches -crying spells -constant worry -insomnia -heart palpitations My doc gave me clonazepam .05mg to cut in half (.25mg) once a day and take as needed but I took maybe three then stopped due to fear of long term use withdrawal, this was three weeks ago. I noticed if I don't focus on my symptoms they seem to disappear. My question is lately with the clogged ears can the jaw clenching cause that? Even if I don't realize I'm doing it?

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