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Footlocker Application Online Help?

Okay so about a month ago I applied for footlocker online and the other day I decided to call for a follow up of my application. When I called one of my local footlockers, the manager said I wasn't in the system and asked me if I received an email notification as towards my next step, after applying and I said no. I deciced to call another one of my local footlockers and he said the same thing and told me to call back today because I wasn't in the system either and as well I didn't receive an email from footlocker. I don't even know what to tell him when I call back? Also, I made another email account, and applied all over again, with a different email name, but I still didn't receive an email notification towards the next step as for saying I was In the system and they would call. I don't really understand help! ALSO, I have applied with footlocker before, in the summer and I DID receive an email. but either way after a made a new account I don't see why I didn't get the email? Someone please help, I really want this job and I know it fits well for me. Thank you.

2013-11-07 19:08:43

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