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Has an owner ever lied to you when you went to look at a horse?

so last weekend i went to look a beautiful TB gelding 16.2 hh and the add said very sound and a family/kids horse etc I'm just getting back into riding so I'm not ready for a major project yet . i went to go look at this gelding and when i got there the horse was neighing a lot, i figured he is just one of those horses who "talk" a lot, my mothers Morgan was like that, this gelding would not stop prancing around trying to get away from the owner just very agitated we went into the round pen and the owner said you can come hold him if you want so i went to pet the horse first he sniffs my hand and then i go to touch him and the horse throws his head and tries to bolt away the owner said "oh sorry he is head shy" after a few tries i was able to pet him, i went to walk him around on his lead and the horse rears trying to get away. way more high strung than most TB i know, the owner then decided to tell us "ya he is just off the track his last race was September 25th" that to me is NOT a kids/family horse, then the owner started to say he want 1000$ and when can we take him, i was not even interested at all, he then got mad because we asked if we could see the horse well of course we are not interested if you lied to us about his personality what else could he have lied abut anybody else been lied to like this before? and when i contacted him i did as again if he was a sound calm horse that a kid could ride i got a "yes he is very well trained"

2013-11-07 19:07:54

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