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Do relationships work with so many differences?

My boyfriend and I have a significant age difference, and we also are from two different countries. I am from southern Florida. I speak English and Spanish. He is from Paris, FR, and he speaks French and English. He communicates very well in English, and I am learning French now. But still, innuendos and puns are difficult to communicate... Also, we both have a very intellectual sense of humor, but often, I find when he makes a play on words it has to be in french, and he rarely catches it when I do... I have similar political views as him, but I feel like my culture has very different standards from his, and I can only wonder what this will look like for our kids. We have similar views on how to raise and parent children... Overall, our views and values are the same, I just have to wonder if statistics work in our favor? If anyone else has this type of relationship? And do you feel it is successful?

2013-11-07 19:06:27

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