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My mother is not supportive of my decision ?

she just doesn't understand my feelings, i m 28 yr old single male and absolutely adore my work life. I consider it my life. I have been putting on more n more hrs on my work for the past 5 years. Presently i work for almost 17 hrs daily and still love doing more. the thing is i don't want marriage nor relationships i don't consider myself marriage material. I have never dated my whole life and probably will NEVER do so; My mother wanted me to start dating a woman and get married. I have been ignoring this topic by saying 'i will think about it ' . But now i finally admitted to her the truth that i will never marry and she should accept what i am .. however on hearing this she started crying, i don't know what to do with her ? see my mother lives alone in her own house while i live on my own . She just doesn't understand my feelings?

2013-11-07 19:08:47

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