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Do you think teen girls wear makeup because they want to look older than their age?

I had this conversation in train with a 15 yo girl who wears makeup every day. I think we were both bored. Her: When you were 15 did you have a job in summer? Me:No, I couldn't get a job because people said I looked younger than my age. I couldn't get a job until my 20s. A 12 yo boy liked me when I was 18 yo and he thought I was around his age...(But I didn't wear makeup when I was a teen, I didn't know wearing makeup make teens look older until my 20s). Her:I'm worried because I'm 15 and people think I look 16-17. I don't want to look old. Me:I think you look older because you wear a lot of makeup. Her:But I can't go out without makeup. Me:ok But my friends my age (26) complain teen girls wear makeup because they want to look older. And they complain because I don't wear makeup. I don't complain about people wearing or not wearing makeup, if a 15 yo wants to wear makeup it's ok and if a 26 yo (me) doesn't like her face with makeup it's ok too. English isn't my first language

2013-11-10 18:48:40

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