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What is the definition of rich?

Case 1 - A person can have a low salary, but he is given good accommodation by the employers, good food at very reasonable cost and also pickup and drop facility, or his workplace is near his home. He need not use much of his salary. He likes to date feminists who believe in sharing bills. LOL. Also his job is not demanding and his life is peaceful as he is single. Case 2 - Another guy draws a super fat paycheck. Has wife who looks like a supermodel, also spends like a supermodel and demands things like a supermodel. He has kids who are spoilt brats, who throw around their large pocket money. His job is very demanding and he has to work under heavy pressure. Case 1 has to spend very little from his salary and Case 2 is always running short of money. Who is rich? One of the example exists IRL. LOL

2013-11-10 18:51:52

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