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Did he change his mind about me :(?

So.. Me and him are "talking talking" and his friend kept saying he likes me but sometimes it's hard to tell. Well last night he wasn't texting me back so here's our Convo. Me: okay well bye I guess. Him- Sorry I was cooking dinner(: Him- wait what? Me: It's okay :P Him: Why did u say bye? Me: Idk Him: Okay? And he's lying because he was on Instagram when he wasn't texting me back. So I didn't reply to him at all, and hours go by and he isn't texting me. And my sister said if he really liked me he would text me again but he didn't. Then he posted a pic on insta saying "Someone text me I'm bored" and THEN. I go on his if u don't know what that is google it. And I said are u talking to anyone? He put I don't think so. What is happening??????

2013-11-10 18:58:48

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