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what can i do about doing another degree?

I graduated from a drama degree in 2010 but I now cant help but feel I did the wrong degree as it hasnt taken me to the places I wanted to go. I know someone doing a theatre production degree and I know that this is what I should have been doing all along and what will take me where I want to be. I am now almost 26 and part of me feels that it is maybe too late but another part of me wants to still follow the dream. I stayed at home for my first degree and I know I cannot do that with the theatre production one as they are all quite far away so I am also nervous of money and moving and spending another 2-3 years of my life at uni. I know this would lead to what I love but I am scared. I have my boyfriend as well who I love and I want the family but I feel if i dont do it i will regret it. Can I still get the student loans/bursaries even though I have already done a different degree and should I just go for it!

2013-11-10 18:59:55

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