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Am I just his rebound girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating/ together for four months. I figured something was wrong. So i snooped (all bad i know) come to find out hes trying to talk to his ex and get back witb her. On October 19th. She wants nothing to do with him. I waited and brought it up so i would not stay stupid stuff to him. He told me they broke up 1 month before we started dating andn they were together for two years. He said he still had feelings for her and he loved us both and in a perfect world he would or could have us both. He says he loves me but he doesnt love me the way he loved her and i love him like he loves her. Im stuck i dont know what to do he said he doesnt pifture a life with me yet and still sees it with her. He doesnt want ti lose me but he wants time to himself on some levels. What should i do. Im stuck and o helpless

2013-11-10 18:58:10

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