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primark interview help need info?

I had an interview and was told I might not hear back for up to two to three weeks because they have more people to interview I honestly thought it went bad because i got soooo nervious I couldnt remember anything I had prepared to say... I cant believe it I have two years experience in this type of work and I spent three days every waking minute studying about primark and preparing my answers but when she asked me I went completely blank .... The only positive thing I thought happened was when i was leaving she asked me to email on my referee details so she could contack them.Why would she bother if she wasnt going to contact them .?? I just dont know.. But apart from that I F**CKED up and I wanted it so bad thats why I spent so long learning and preparing but my body just went into melt down with nerves im so disappointed Wish I could do it all over again now that I have met the girl and stuff maybe My body wouldnt fail me like upset Has anyone any info on their experience with primark thanks

2013-11-14 21:34:50

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