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How do I end this friendship/relationship?

So I've been seeing this man for 9 months today. We are not in a relationship although "monogamous" or atleast agree to not date other people. Quite frankly I'm tired of waiting for him to make me his girlfriend. My only issue is I've fallen in love with him and he's not doing anything wrong. We spend almost every day together we do alot for each other. He's a sweet great man but everytime the subject of a relationship comes up he doesn't want to cause he says "I'm young and I don't want to get hurt again" He's 25 with a 4 yr relationship behind him that ended very badly. I'm 30 and just feel like it's all excuses. I just don't know how to let him go when he's not doing anything wrong but nothing is changing for us to have a deeper commitment. What do I do?

2013-11-14 21:31:34

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