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Is it weird for a guy to want to be a kindergarten teacher?

Im 19 and love children and I loved my teachers and spending every day with kids constantly getting a new batch every year and teaching them things they want to know and always do fun activities, reading them stories, teaching them how to spell there name, and having them look up to me seems like an amazing job id love. I cant wait to be a dad but being a kindergarten teacher is like being a dad especially to ones that dont have dads I can be a male role model. But I feel like parents wont like a male being their kids teacher. and when people ask me what I want to do I tell them I dont know. Only close friends I tell what I want to do and still get weird looks and negative responses. And im single so seeing all the parents with kids and me not having any I think would make me sad not having my own if I graduate college single.

2013-11-14 21:34:25

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