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Laptop ACER Intel Core 5 -or- Ipad Air 32G?

Okay, common topic but it's just easier to find better advice explaining what I'd like. First off I'm budgeting $650 for something where I can use facebook, youtube, streaming videos or twitch TV, itunes and most importantly, I want to be able to email my resume for job applications online The decision has been difficult so far, I know what specs to look for within my price range. If I went the laptop route, I would get something ACER, intel core 5, 500G with 6-8G ram. I think that's probably the best bang for my buck. But at my price range, I could get the new iPad Air 32G. So here's some pros and cons that I came up with. LAPTOP Pros: Keyboard, supports MS word and excel, supports flash, supports light gaming (can play nes and gameboy games) 500g memory cons: battery life usually only 4-8 hours depending on make, bulky compared to tablet and heavy if travelling, might play LoL IPAD Pros: superior battery life, 10 hours without being plugged, lightweight and smaller. does mostly everything i want to do with laptop, touch screen is kinda cool but i dont really care about that. ALSO this is a pretty big pro for me, I can download an app to put my piano sheet music on would fit perfectly on any piano stand, so i would never have to lug around a 15 pound binder full of sheet music... Also overall its a lot more comfortable going around the house carrying the ipad than a laptop cons: no support flash, only 32g (i can only afford 32g), no MSword or Excel, not sure how i can email my resume on an ipad Anyways please help me come to the decision of what to get I really can't decide and I don't want to have any regrets. Opinions and suggestions and also any other pros and cons that I havent thought of yet would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!!!

2013-11-14 21:45:15

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