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I have two questions about the suspension and wheels on my 66 mustang?

Ok first off i have a 66 mustang and i have a set of wheels from a 98 cobra mustang this is the code on them: f8zv-1007-ab i can't seem to find them for sale anywhere so if you know of anyplace that sells tham i would be much obliged, i only need one for a spare. secondly when i got my car it had some cut springs in it and the tire hits when i turn i would like to get some coil springs that would take it back to either stock height or just about an inch below. i do not know very much about suspension so i was wondering if it was possible to get springs that would make it sit at this height while also being maybe a little stiffer so the car doesn't tilt so much when i turn. basically i want the car to corner better i have air shocks in the back so it does ok but i would like it not to tip so much when i turn, i do not wish to get a sway bar put in so if there is a spring that could have the same effect that would be wonderful. thank you in advance for any of your answers.

2013-11-14 21:46:31

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