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What kind of youtube videos should I make?

Hey everyone! I really want to make weekly youtube videos, but I am having a hard time coming up with ideas. I love the idea of doing a daily vlog, but I don't think my life is interesting enough at this point to do that. I was also thinking, maybe I could do rant/ opinion videos where the viewers give me a topic every week and that is what I talk about in that video. I like to paint, but it is just a hobby and I am not that good at it. I could do tutorial videos, but the only things I could think of for those would be how to solve a rubiks cube (2x2-7x7) and how to make different kinds of bracelets (rainbow loom, paracord, soda tab, friendship). I have two turtles that are about a year old. I would probably show them in some of my videos, but I don't want to make my whole channel focused around them. Or maybe I could just do videos talking about my life experiences? Also, I can't think of a name for my channel. I want something that will describe the types of videos I will be doing. My first name is Amanda and I wouldn't want my last name in the channel name. I play softball and it used to be a big part of my life, but not so much anymore. My favorite color is orange, my favorite animal is a turtle, and my favorite number is 13. I am 19 years old and am currently in college. Right now, I have two youtube channels, but I don't post videos on either one. The first is sftbllgrl13 which I don't want to use as my channel name. The second is OrangeTurtle, which I had created in order to post videos, but I am having second thoughts about the name. I you could help me out, I would really appreciate it. :)

2013-11-14 21:46:49

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