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the new yahoo mail stinks?

I can't stand the new mail. You have the inbox all screwed up. I just sent a response to an email and sent it to myself not the sender. How can you people screw up something so easy as a reply to an email??? I sent an email to my boss somehow last week and I didn't want him to see it and he got it. I can't figure out how to tell what or who I'm sending or answering. I'd rather not have to take the time to figure this out. I have to get off this. The old versions works fine but I can't access my contacts now. I have to manually type in the address. But at least I can tell who I'm responding to. I don't want to see my sent email info in my inbox. THAT IS WHY IT"S CALLED AN INBOX. IT IS FOR RECIEVED MESSAGES. The sent box is for sent messages if I want to look at my sent email I can click on it an go their myself. What did you do???

2013-11-14 21:46:15

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