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Realistically speaking can my friend live in India with me for 6 months on this amount?

He wants to travel with me, but his monthly UK income he would 100% have available for him each month is around £320, which is around 32,500 rupees each month. Please note that from this money flights etc are all covered. But he requires accomodation which I said we can both share for perhaps 3000 rupees each, for each month so 6,000 total (if more I would cover it). But let's say he has left around 30,000 rupees each month, he now has accommodation. Would this be enough for him in regards to food, could he eat in restaurant each night? He does not require budget for expensive things, it will be more an adventure holiday, no spending crazy money on big parties etc or women. What are your thoughts anyone living in India, can he do it on this budget, or he best not to travel. I wanted to add he is a student.

2013-11-14 21:46:18

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