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Relationship advice please?

So I'm a 16 year old junior in high school how has a crush on a junior in college who is 20. He and I have met twice, because of my sister, and I don't know at all if he likes me but the way he looks at me is something special. When my sister said I was 16 he looked a little stunned. My first question is, would it be okay you think for us to maybe progress in a relationship? I'm very mature for my age (I know a lot of people say that) but even as an 8th grade people would ask if i was in college or when is was a freshman people would think I was a senior. It's just how I carry myself and act I suppose. Just to let you know I dont exactly get around either by choice haha. My second question (which might sound dumb) But should I friend request him on facebook? I really don't want to be a creep especially since we will be seeing each other again near the holidays (because my sister). I know that Facebook is a really good way to hit things off, I was just looking for advice. Thank you for your time :)

2013-12-04 03:26:43

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