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Potty training a puppy to the whole house?

I understand the basic concepts of potty training. I have never raised puppies, only kittens and have researched the basics. I have gotten her to go to a single pee pad in a small room (my bathroom is about 50 square feet) . The next step is to the whole open area of the house. The main problem is that she will pee all over the carpeting. She won't go on her blankets, towels, or people, which helps, but will pee on my carpet. Since she was 2 weeks old, she has NEVER peed on her bedding or people. Any tips to get her to do the whole house other than covering half of the 1500 square feet in pee pads? It is impossible to slowly open sections with the layout, and apparently. carpeting and pee pads are close enough for her. However, she is only 32 days, so at this point, should I just give up on letting her loose in the main house and wait until she doesn't have to pee every 30 minutes? At what age is that? For those who are going to yell at me for having that young of a dog- her mother did not want to raise puppies and I have had her since a few hours old.

2013-12-04 03:32:33

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