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Is anyone good at interpreting dreams?

Hi everyone, i had a creepy dream and until this day i cant get it out of my head. I wanted to know if anyone is good at interpreting dreams because I'd like to know what mine means. In my dream I am at my house with my family, I can tell every other house is burning and tall people with white paint all over their face are burning things, they have a list. I look through my window and I see my parents name on it, I freak out and run to my parents. They peacefully tell me that everything will be okay but that I need to take my brother and hide. They smile, and walk away. I take my brother into the bathroom with me since is the only room in my house with a small window. I tell him to hide in between the toilet and the bathtub, and I get up to turn the light off. When I look at the window I see this small boy, with white paint all over his face and white clothing, and red eyes, he looks evil, but I get mad and I yell at him asking him what does he want! He points to the door, opens by it self and I can feel he wants me and my brother to follow him. And i woke up, i dont know if we ended up following him or not, but i have a feeling that we did i woke up freaking out i had to go to my mom's room to be able to sleep.

2013-12-04 03:28:21

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