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Why are young people joining the military today so self-absorbed?

Please do not be offended by this question, it's just a thing that I've noticed. Back in high school, I was in AFJROTC and the sergeants and people in charge(They are usually middle aged guys who are retired from their duty) were really down to earth. They were like people you could talk to since they were so cool(when they are not teaching of course). The middle aged ones, the old ones, and the ones who've been thru wars and other traumatic things seem really down to earth while the ones(some not all) who are joining nowadays seem to be doing it for bragging rights. Is this a new trend or is it like that when you first join? This question is not meant to be offending, I really respect all the people who are brave enough to put their lives on the line for others.

2013-12-04 03:35:44

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