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I can't get rid of Splat hair dye... Help?

Ok. So about a month ago I bleached and dyed my hair with Splat "Pink Fetish" hair dye. My hair was dyed with a Loreal color before that which didn't lift all the way. Instead of having light blonde hair after bleaching, I was left with orangey-blonde hair. Then I dyed over that. The pink was really vibrant for a few days, but then it faded to a peachy-orange color. Today, I tried to bleach it out, so I could dye it a different color. Using 40 volume bleach, the color only budged slightly. I really want to dye my hair a pastel pink and blue, but I'd need the dye COMPLETELY out of my hair to do that. right now my hair is still orange. I've tried dandruff shampoo and alcohol, like the company reccomended, but It's only slightly better. What should I do?? I really want to get rid of this color! Thanks..

2013-12-04 03:31:36

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