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Should I try cutting certain foods to lose stubborn weight?

I am 24 years old, female, and have always been average in body weight/height/ etc. For the past year, I Went from a healthy 130 (Im 5'4) to 150. and I cannot get back down to 130. I have tried most everything. I completely understand the basic math to losing weight. I know that I must consume less calories than I burn. I have been doing this all along. On top of this, I tried to just eat balanced, didn't work. I tried some fad diets, didn't work. Nothing has worked. What I cannot understand is that I don't ever go above 150 ..even when I give up on eating healthy and exercising for a while. And I never go below 145, even when I try my absolute hardest. I have had some digestive issues, nothing diagnosed and my dr. is not concerned, but I have noticed it. If that means anything. My question is, could it be the way the food is reacting in my body? Should I try cutting carbs completely? Dr. says I have no allergies. If I cut carbs completely, can I lose this last 10-15 pounds and feel better (digestive wise)? Thank you!

2013-12-04 03:32:55

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