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MEB for Chronic Costochondritis?

Im currently an AIT soldier who is undergoing a MEB for chronic Costochondritis (inflammation of cartilage between rib and breast bone). My case of CC is rare. Ive had it for almost 8 months with little to none healing. I never was able to take a diagnostic PT test and so I've been sitting here months on end hoping this would heal and it hasn't. My injury limits my life at this point. I can't run, jump, lift, do sit ups or anything. Just me walking too fast for too long induces pain. Ive had many ER trips due to this and nothings been done but painkillers and muscle relaxers. Seeing as though it doesn't look like its getting better what do you think the chances are of them finding me "fit for duty"? Im just curious on others opinions.

2013-12-04 03:35:51

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