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leg pain after pregnancy?

Pain & Pain Management Your Open Question Nextleg pain that feels like a bruise...?I just gave birth to my daughter a couple of weeks ago. My feet were really swallon (I was on bed rest for a long time) my legs were really swallon as well. I got a pain in my legs that felt like a bad bruise feet to my front of my legs. My dr checked me cause I thought I may have a dvt but she said there was no evidence and that it was coming from the tightness and swalloness in my legs and feet and as soon as I get off of them and push fluid itll go away. Yesterday my foot was swallin but today they aren't. But the pain is still there bad...I am starting to think it's something else out even a my dr right or can it be something else? Like what could it be?

2013-12-06 06:12:39

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