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Career as a Learning Support Teacher?

I want to pursue a career as a learning support teacher (Australia) but have no clue on where to start. First off, is a learning support teacher the same as an esl teacher or a teacher's aide or a special education teacher? What courses should I take to become a learning support teacher and would it be TAFE or Uni? Would that course be all I need to become one? Would I need anything more if I wanted to work in a high school rather than a primary school? What are my chances of gaining a job as a learning support teacher? I'm only 17 turning 18 soon which I think is really young to become one, though I do have some experiences that I've gained throughout high school through a TAFE course as in Peer Tutoring as well as my role as a prefect. I'm scared I'll get the qualification, then won't be able to find a job. My other option is to just take a traineeship in childcare but I'd love to become a learning support teacher. All inputs are very much appreciated!

2013-12-06 06:13:21

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