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How to get better at high school wrestling?

Please read the current situation. I'm currently a junior and this is my 2nd year. Last year I did pretty badly, 10 wins and 8 losses for freshman/soph. My coach wanted me to try a varsity match(dual meet) but I got pinned in like 10-15 seconds... Now this year, I drill with the returners with the mentality to go to CIF but I just can't.. I haven't wrestled a varsity match yet due to some issues with school but I'm kind of getting intimidated. I'm 120 pounds and today I went live for 20 minutes at the end of practice with another returner that is 120 pounds and this really fit 138 pound freshman.. Both me and the returner were even and we both hit moves on each other but when I switched and wrestling the 138 pound guy, he wasn't able to hit anything on me but I barely was able to do anything on him either.. What should I do to improve my technique since my strength isn't a problem? PLEASE HELP!

2013-12-06 06:18:34

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