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Are torso pains a result of drinking?

I have been experiencing torso pains for the past several months. They come and go what seems to be rather randomly. The most common pain is near the bottom of my right rib cage and it is like a dull ache. I also experience some sharper pains in random locations all around my torso but they are quick just like little jabs. Today I also felt some odd like bubbly vibration feelings in my upper back (idk). I have asthma and I drink kind of heavily. I am in college, 22 years old, pretty active. I saw a doctor in September and he performed a liver and pancreas test which he said showed nothing abnormal (a blood test of some sort). When I got those results, I concluded that it was not related to my drinking and the doctor said it was probably muscular strain from an asthmatic spurt I had in June-July, but I am still experiencing these pains. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am considering cutting back/stopping drinking, but idk if I am over thinking things or what. Sometimes I feel like drinking aggravates the dull ache in upper right abdomen, but it is not every time I drink, so it is very confusing.

2013-12-06 06:18:11

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