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How do I feel about him? Is it love?

I'm 14 years old, but I feel like I'm in love. I know that's a real young age and I also know I'm not actually "in love" with this person, but I feel that I do love them. I'm just not "in love" with them. Like I care for them a lot. My brother has a friend. His friend is either 13 or 12 but turning 13 soon. He's only been over my house a few times. I hang out with him and my brother a little bit when he came over before. He's really weird, but in a good funny way. Anyways I always kind of liked him in a friend way and I think he's cute, and I think I was repressing the thought that I actually liked him for more than a friend, even though I barely know him. So anyways here comes to the part when I actually realized this stuff. There's a possibility that he started cutting himself recently. You can hear the full story in my other question. Anyways when I found that out I realized how much I care for him. So what feeling is this? I want to help him so bad and I just don't get how I feel.

2013-12-06 06:22:37

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