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Could I be developing an eating disorder?

First, I know only a professional can diagnose me, I just want opinions. My self image, especially weight. It caused me depression, anxiety, i had a 2 year Selfharm addiction, and I actually tried to kill myself. I went to a hospital, they taught me ways to cope and I left on meds, but feeling much better and eventually not cutting. Once I stopped cutting, I started to worry about food. I started using it as comfort, but then felt fat, and I would throw it up. I made myself stop because I knew I couldn't let it go any further and turn into bulimia. But now, I don't want to eat at all. I am terrified of calories, I don't like to eat more than 500 a day, and if I eat at all, it's at night. If I have even a bite of food during that day, I purge it. It's becoming impossible to eat without overthinking and not wanting to eat it anymore. Could I be developing anorexia? I should tell my therapist but the thing is I have an anorexic friend and I don't want people thinkin it's her fault. Thanks

2013-12-06 06:24:59

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