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can my roommate sue me?

I moved into her apartment, and tried to live with her peacefully but things didnt work out, she tried to control my life by saying who I can see and who can sleep in my room etc. She gave me the option to leave and I gave her a verbal notice three weeks before moving out and I even paid my portion of the next months rent. The thing is she claims I need to pay full rent for 9 more months which is when her lease ends. But the apartment lease is under her name only. I have no bills regarding the apartment under my name. We do have our own agreement where it states we will be considerate pay rent on time clean simple broad topic household things. We got into a huge fight where I said Im not paying for **** and that is where she claims she is going to sue me. Can she do that? Will our own agreement affect me? Sidenote I wasnt put on the lease because of mmybackground check the apartment manager said that they didnt want me on their property for having misdemeaner domestic violence on myrec

2013-12-06 06:20:27

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