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Hi, I have an AP Chemistry test on Monday and I've been studying for days now. I stayed after with my teacher to see if she could help me with a question I've been having trouble on and I was unable to understand her explanation. Here is the Question: 3.364g of hydrated barium chloride BaCl x H2O was dissolved in water and made up a total volume of 250.0mL. 10.00mL of this solution required 46.92 ml of 2.530 x 10^-2 M silver nitrate for complete reaction. Calculate the value of x in the formula of the hydrated barium chloride, given the net ionic equation for the precipitation below. Cl- (aq) + Ag + (aq) ----> AgCl (s) My teacher told me the correct answer is 1, but I'm not sure how to do the problem. Thanks so much to anyone who tries

2013-12-14 20:29:40

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