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What microphone should I get and why?

I would like to get a microphone for various purposes like recording my self for videos and such. But i dont know which to get. A few I have looked at are the Blue Yeti, Snowball and the CAD audio U37. I would like to get the yeti but I'd like to get something under about $80 and as a set. The yeti alone is $80 but the other two come with condensers(i think thats what theyre called) and a headphone(i have one already but an extra couldnt hurt). But honestly what do you recommend and why, what are the pros in comparison to all the other mics there are. Of course they dont have to be the three i mentioned above. PS. I have turtle beach x12 which are headphones with a mic are those any good therefore removing the purpose of even having to get a mic?

2013-12-14 20:45:40

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