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Help! Did I sprain my knee?

Yesterday me and a friend were play wrestling, he picked me up and my leg was behind him and when he went to put me down he fell on top of my straight leg and all you could hear was a loud cracking noise, he quickly got up as i lid on the bed, there was immediate pain. It wasn't as sore during the night because I was drinking but this morning I really felt the plain. It doesn't look bruised It's a little swollen, but not much whatsoever It uncomfortable to walk I can bend my knee, but only slowly such as, when i strengthen out my leg is has to be done in a slow movement It quite hurts when i move it at all anyway though until its in a comfortable stop, the pain stops It's tenderness when moved and it snaps sometimes if i move it some ways. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated :)

2013-12-14 20:39:59

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