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Why won't he tell me who he likes?

This semester, I've become relatively close with a guy I've known since I came to college (about 2.5 years now). We're both very similar--very awkward, shy around those we like--when it comes to our romantic inclinations. Over the course of the last couple of months, he's gone from treating me in a harsh, teasing manner to being extremely fun to be around. He doesn't like being touched, so he still recoils slightly (but in a show-type manner) when I try to touch his arm. This week, I found out that he has a mystery girl that he likes--and he's not telling anyone who she is because she's "extra special." When someone else asked about her, he immediately deflected to me ("Why don't you ask who Danielle likes?" or "Danielle liked someone who was, like, 40 years old last year")...but then he says that she just got out of a romance (and I have not). Around this time, he started being extra nice to me--he's been trying to make me laugh, been texting me quite frequently, etc. What's his deal? Am I the mystery girl, or is he just being nice because I've talked to him about the situation?

2013-12-14 20:47:11

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