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Boxing vs muaythai in street fight?

Ok we all know, yes muaythai has more weapons, 8 limbs, elbows, knees, punch, kick. BUT boxing also has got speed, and it ONLY take 1 punch. Doesn't it? Yes a muaythai fighter on the street come give a low kick but all the boxer has to do is step in to a boxing range and box? And now yes again some of us are going to say muaythai has got elbow and knees but the boxer has go so much power, and let's just forget about the power, the boxer has got so much speed and skill. Especially much better footwork than the muaythai fighter. Also it doesn't take 5 mintues to learn how knee or elbow... I also know its not the style.. BUT its the style which teaches you.. Everyone has got differnt opinions, but let's be realistic and not just say muaythai fighter has more advantage coz of his elbows knees etc coz dats not true... Thankss

2013-12-14 20:44:15

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