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what is glycerol a building block for?

so I have this biology project and we have to make a Christmas decoration out of glycerol. She said for information to search the web, but I have found mixed answers. So what is the molecule glycerol a building block for? The options are carbohydrates, proteins, lipids(fats), or DNA. Also, what are some compounds that are inorganic? What makes them inorganic? A separate question is, what two molecules make up the bulk of the cell membrane? I have to circle two of them and the options are glucose, proteins, lipids(fat), or nucleic acid. What type of a molecules are enzymes? Carbohydrates, proteins, or lipids(fat)? And last but not least, what cell organelle produces protein? Thanks a ton for help!!!<333 Hey for fun, could you list some interesting facts about glycerol?:) thanks a million <333

2013-12-14 20:47:54

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