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what's wrong with people?

Recently I contacted a mechanic from Craigslist, I told him I need to meet him personally ( didn't say that I was going to hire him), when he arrived I asked for his driver's license ( in order to protect myself, in case he messed up), he said that it was estrange for me to ask for his ID, told him just like when you get hire somewhere, they need to know your who you really are; Anyway...he refused, then told ID, no job. Sent me a text saying, "thanks for wasting my time and almost $20.00 in gas", I didn't replay, but I was tempted to let him see my position and to let him see his mistake. So here it is. What's wrong with people?, he could've make $80.00 . (his price) if he just show me his D. L., why blame someone else for a bad decision they themselves made. I don't think iit was a good business behavior. Why is it that people rather blame someone else, instead of taking responsibility for their actions...or it's me that was wrong. I just say, what a shame that people don't know how to control their impulses and take the time to think when giving an answer, then the world would be a better place to live. Thanks to all for your opinion on this

2013-12-14 20:51:19

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