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My Bamboo Pen is messing up?

I bought a Bamboo Splash tablet about a year ago, and at times it doesn't work correctly. The computer will recognize the pen and have it move, but when I try to draw on Paint Tool Sai or CS5, the pen's sensitivity is gone and when I draw the pen stops, shows the loading circle, and turns into the dropper tool (On Sai, while on CS5 it'll open the pen/brush's options). I uninstalled the dock. I've updated the recent drivers and Air But it still doesnt help. I have to to hope that every time I plug it in that it works! And if it doesnt I have to restart my laptop at least once to get it working correctly. I should also add that sometimes when I turn the computer on, a box will pop up and say it cannot find the driver (but if it does or doesnt Im not sure if it affects if the tablet will work or not).

2013-12-14 20:50:24

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